Arachnophobia, a fear of spiders

This phobia or fear of spiders is very common and at this time of year when spiders seem to be coming into people’s homes and places of work the phobia level is increased.

The majority of spiders are harmless and those that do bite are very rare. The fact is that spiders provide a very necessary role in keeping down the insect population inside and outside our homes. They can be viewed as a “friend” to us because they catch and dispose of fly’s and crawling insects on our behalf.

Arachnophobia, as with most phobias, is usually not about the spider itself but more about what the spider may represent to the client. As a cognitive hypnotherapist I can help you to achieve a level where you are comfortable with spiders being in the same room as you. As you can see from the attached photo, the fear of spiders can generate an extreme response in some people, this is something I can help you to lessen or remove from your life.

Please do check back here in the coming week as there will soon be a download available specifically for arachnophobia for purchase on this site.

Wishing you all that is good.