This sounds like the opening of a very bad joke and those who witnessed the chase and final capture in the toilet roll aisle at Tesco must have wondered where the film crews where.  Because it certainly reads like one of those moments where even the best scriptwriter would have thought, no one will ever believe this!

It wasn’t just covered by the local newspapers and media either, as you can see from the attached links here and here,  it generated national and even some international interest.  As they say at the end of the video report “come on Tesco release the CCTV footage”!

So what does this have to do with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, apart from providing a good feeling and a giggle?  Well although this assault ended in laughter and the victim managed to catch their attacker and I have no doubt the Police enjoyed a few laughs filling in their reports, it was still a serious crime.

Many of us have been victims of crime.  It may be we have been assaulted, had our wallet or purse stolen or perhaps become a victim of fraud.  This can leave many of us feeling helpless, feeling that we could have prevented it all, that somehow we are responsible for the perpetrators actions or that we have been “stupid” and that is why the crook succeeded.

As a therapist I can help you with those feelings, show you where they are really coming from and help you to understand the situation better and take back some much needed control in your life.

We can work together to ensure that you start to believe in yourself again and as you regain your self-confidence and self-belief you will start to enjoy your life once more.

So thanks to Batman, Robin, The Hoff and a Smurf for the giggle and also for helping to highlight a serious issue in such a novel way.