I had a black dog his name is depression.

Some of you may know that this is based on a quote from Winston Churchill, who called his recurring depression his “black dog”.  There is a wonderful book of the same name by Matthew Johnstone, it looks like a simple cartoon book but it is extremely powerful, as it explains in very simple terms what living with depression is like.

This video is based on that book and whether you or someone you know has depression I would urge you to view the video or look at the book as a first step to acknowledging what it can be like to live with depression yourself or with someone who has it.

When it comes to depression I am not going to claim there is a quick one size fits all fix.  We may need to work together over a number of sessions.  I will be able to teach you simple everyday techniques that you can use to gently break down the causes of the depression.  Finding new behaviours and you may surprise yourself at the differences you will notice as they come sooner than you might expect.

We may never know exactly what the root cause of your depression is, that is one of the amazing things about working with the unconscious mind using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, it is not always necessary to dig up old memories, it isn’t even necessary to talk over traumatic events again and again, because we all know that this can make certain situations even worse.

On occasion we will talk about something in your past that you feel is holding you down but you will find that is the last time it needs to be addressed as you move your life forward to a more positive future.

So for a no obligation chat please either email or phone me, because it is good to remember that nothing has to be the way it has always been.