I recall a three hour car trip with a work colleague that I did not know very well.   During this time she told me some very personal information, she had no expectation that I would “solve her problems” just that she wanted to talk about them in a safe environment.  It was interesting that once we were back at work the status quo returned and it was as though the car conversation had never taken place, as neither of us ever mentioned it again.

Another personal example of a car journey was with one of my nephews.  We were driving from London to Scotland for a family wedding before I moved up here permanently and due to roadworks we were diverted.  This diversion added an extra couple of hours to an already long road trip.  We talked about everything and anything, including each of our hopes and dreams for the future.  It really did serve to help bring us closer together and I am grateful that has remained so since.

So this has set me wondering why do these in depth chats take place in cars?

Is it the confined space?  The knowledge that the journey will last a certain amount of time and then normal life will resume?  Or is it the illusion that the car is separate from the rest of the world and therefore normal rules do not apply?

Whatever the truth is I know that such conversations take place in my therapy room, here it is a warm, safe, relaxing space.  All of my clients know that whatever they tell me I will never judge them and everything is treated in complete confidence.  There is no illusion that the therapy room is separate from the rest of the world, just that whilst the client is in that space with me only they exist.  My entire focus is on them, what they want to achieve and how best I can support them in achieving that.

During our time together I will teach you simple, effective techniques that you can use every day and support you during times of development and change.

The difference between my therapy room and a car is that I have no agenda, you the client are my priority, I will help you to achieve the outcome that is best for you in the long term.  Plus I don’t have a reverse pedal!

So for a no obligation chat please either email or phone me, because it is good to remember that nothing has to be the way it has always been.