I have this client’s permission to share their story, as he hopes that it will help others in a similar situation.

Recently this client and I were discussing his issue of allowing the past to cloud his present life. He was judging all his present day experiences based upon something that had happened over 20 years ago. As he became more and more aware of this he realised he was repeating this painful behaviour and hurting not only himself but also those he loved and cared for.

At one point in our session he said “why do I keep rereading the same chapter of my life, when that part is over, finished with? I should just turn a page and start a new chapter”. As so often happens in the safe space within the therapy room, the client found his answer.

He kept reliving or rereading that chapter as though it was current, happening now. In fact it was over 20 years ago and bore no resemblance to the life he is living in the present.

Even if you have a favourite book you don’t keep reading the same chapter over and over again. So why spend the rest of your life reliving an unsuccessful period, a time full of hurt and pain, both physical and emotional? But so many people do.

Forgiveness is sometimes viewed by some as a sign of weakness, but it’s not, because if you are harbouring negative feelings and thoughts towards an individual or situation in your past the only person that it is affecting is yourself. They can’t read your thoughts, they have no real idea of the impact they are having on your day to day life. So why allow them that space in your head?

Because after all they are just thoughts, you generate the thoughts in your head, some people think it is difficult to control their thoughts, but again that’s just another thought! Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to change this unwanted, negative, behaviour.

For example if you had a visitor who was always saying and doing horrid things to you and your loved ones, is that a visitor you would encourage in your home? I doubt it, so it is with allowing the past to be reread all the time, to be relived within your mind, why allow it that space, energy or time in your life?

Why not consider how different your life would be if you could now turn the page and start a new chapter, one without looking back all the time. A life where you are living in the present, enjoying yourself and spending time with those you love.

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