Is Christmas a time of joy for you or a stressed interval you could happily miss out on?

We could discuss how it has become so commercialised now, or does religion have a role in our lives, indeed Christmas seems to evoke extreme responses, positive and negative in most people, or how so many families appear to spend the day online searching for bargains and holidays.

There is the pressure of giving the perfect gift, thepressure of the day being perfect with the perfect meal and the perfect atmosphere. That is a lot of perfect and just who’s ideal are we trying to match? If it is the adverts or the TV shows, well we all know they have to film the same scene more than once and they are all fake!

I used to be one of those who had to have a perfect time or ensure that those around me were having a wonderful time. However, since my parents died I noticed a couple of things. Firstly and most obviously I miss them more at this time of year than any other. Secondly my memories of our Christmas times together aren’t about the presents we gave or received or the meals we ate. My memories are of the fun, silly, daft things that happened.

For example the year we left the leeks in the oven whilst eating our meal … that oven dish never did survive. Or the year the smoke alarm rang out as we sat down to dinner, cue cold spuds! Or the photo we have of Dad asleep after dinner with his paper crown half way down his face. These may sound daft and trivial to others but they and countless others bring a smile to my face as I remember the giggles and thenever again.

Just to reassure you we now always have someone whose job is to check the oven and pans for any veg that may ignite when we are sitting down for our meal… 😀

These moments, as corny as they may sound, are the ones we remember. Not the price tag on a present but the joy and fun we had in the simple moments of our lives. Not just at Christmas but each and every day.

We can’t all live our lives fully explaining to others what they mean to us, but we can take a few moments on occasions such as Christmas to tell them how much they mean to us.

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