A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Everyone’s comfort zone is different, for some it is staying in a job that they know, they realise they could progress or move onto a more challenging role but have taken the decision to stay where they know what each day will bring.

It could be staying in a relationship that isn’t providing you with what you need anymore because it is “safer” than ending that relationship and going solo in life for a while.

Comfort zone means a lot to some and nothing to others.  A couple of years ago I destroyed my comfort zone, I sold my lovely home down south, resigned from a job I enjoyed and moved to Scotland.  Initially I didn’t even have my own home, I lived with my sister and her family for a couple of months whilst I looked for a place to live.

Once I found a house I then set up my own business, never having been self-employed before.  So here I was in an area where I only knew my sister and her family, setting up home and a new business … not a comfort zone in sight.

I look back now and wonder “how on earth did I do that?” but the simple answer is one day at a time, one event at a time, one moment at a time.  Because I know if I had looked at the “bigger picture” too often it would have overwhelmed me.

Now I am settled into my home, I am making friends and can go for a drive without getting lost (too often).  My therapy business is building slowly and steadily which is good because I want it to be sustainable.

Am I getting comfortable?  A bit.  So I am now pushing myself again, looking for something that will take me away from my comfort zone.  At present I have no idea what this will be or indeed where it will take me but I am already looking forward to the adventure.

So what would take you out of your comfort zone?  It doesn’t’ have to be something big such as a move, job change or new relationship.  It could be something simple such as going somewhere different for your lunch or dinner, perhaps trying something different off the menu, or maybe a new haircut!!!

Whatever you do, remember it is your choice, your decision, and your life, so live it to the full.  Because the important thing to remember is that you achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve in your life, once you let go of the belief that it isn’t possible.

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