Depression is being talked openly about a lot more, which is a great thing. I am pleased that Coronation Street writers have one of their main, well-loved characters, Steve McDonald showing the early signs of depression and taking the first faltering steps towards getting help. Of course I have no idea where the storyline is heading to, but I am grateful it is being talked about in a mainstream programme, and my fingers are crossed that they will deal with it in a sensible and compassionate manner.


I see many clients who have depression, stress or anxiety where it has been taking more and more control over their lives. There are many tools that I can teach clients to help them deal with this and live successfully. For many it is a one off experience that once dealt with does not reoccur. For others who live with it for a longer term, as I have said, there are coping mechanisms and easy to use tools that I can teach you.


I have noticed on social media that already people are saying its “stupid” that this character has depression because he has nothing to be depressed about. This is a common misunderstanding. Depression isn’t about not having a partner or a successful career, it isn’t always about a one off event, in many cases depression can be a sign that you have been coping for a long time, perhaps holding in emotions and fears. There are many causes of depression and while we may not always find the root cause by working together we can find ways to deal with and move your life forward in a more constructive way.


Interestingly since I started writing this blog the actor, Simon Gregson, who plays this character has spoken about his own bout of depression when he was younger. You can read the article here,


So whether you’ve had depression for a long time or a short time, I would urge you to seek help, learn tools to help you deal with day to day living and come out stronger than before.


For a no obligation chat please either email or phone me, because it is good to remember that nothing has to be the way it has always been.