This is such an emotive word and has so many different meanings to all of us.  From the simple ‘I’m sorry’ when you accidentally bump into someone through to the bigger stuff.  It isn’t always about letting go, but it is about freeing yourself from the anger and hurt that can come with not forgiving someone.

The most important person of all to forgive is yourself.  We’ve all made decisions in our lives that we regret, some may have been easy to move on from but others will have impacted on those we care for in ways we didn’t mean them to.  Whilst that person may or may not have forgiven us, we need to ensure that we care about ourselves enough to move forward with our lives.  Part of this is ensuring we have done everything possible to correct, amend or address whatever we did.  Once that has been done, once we know there is nothing left to do, then move on.

Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting, it means simply to move forward with our lives.  To forgive ourselves and others is a key to personal freedom.  It is not a sign of weakness, giving up or forgetting.  It signals an inner strength that lets you and the world around you know that you are more than whatever happened to you.  You are stronger and your life will not be dictated by that one moment, or indeed a series of moments.  Because you have made the conscious decision to forgive and move your life forward.

I’ve worked with many clients who have survived childhood abuse, be it emotional, physical or sexual, also clients who have been victims in their adult life.

Forgiveness helps them to understand within themselves that they are not victims but survivors. Their lives will not be defined by someone else.

Scars, inside or outside, remind us where we’ve been they don’t have to dictate where we’re going

While scars aren’t always visible to the naked eye, we know that their there.  So instead of burying them, let’s find the source, forgive and move our lives forward instead of staying in the past.

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