At this time of year there is even more pressure than usual on smokers to stop smoking during the month of October, as part of the effort being spearheaded by the Government and the NHS to stop as many people as possible from smoking.
Perhaps you have tried in the past? Using patches, gum, will power or going cold turkey. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a recognised and successful method to stop smoking. Studies have shown that using Hypnotherapy is five times more successful than just will power on its own and twice as effective as patches or gum.
During our session you will tell me the unique reasons you smoke, I will then tailor our session towards you. Cognitive Hypnotherapy recognises that you are an individual and therefore there are no set scripts or one size fits all solutions.
Following our session you will have continued support via telephone and email during office hours and if necessary a follow up session is included in the one off price.
So what about giving up, well that wording suggests that you will be missing out or failing in some way. So why not give yourself a head start on success and look at what you will gain in place of smoking. You could be moved to quit smoking for health or financial reasons, or perhaps a combination of both.
If you presently smoke 20 cigarettes a day you will save approximately £2,000 per year, imagine what you would like to spend that money on instead?
Also apart from the nicotine did you know that cigarettes contain:
Arsenic – illegal
Cyanide – also illegal
Shellac – used in nail polish and not for internal digestion
Formaldehyde – for the preservation of dead bodies
Carbon monoxide – if you have gas in the home you will hopefully have an alarm to warn you if the carbon monoxide levels are rising as ingestion of this gas can lead to serious health issues and in some cases death.
These amongst many other poisons are contained within your cigarette, not a pleasant thought at all.
So is it your health that is motivating you? You won’t have to wait long to notice the health benefits because after just one day all the carbon monoxide will be removed from your body and your lungs will start to clear all the tar within them. After two days the nicotine will be removed and you will notice that your sense of taste and smell will have started to improve.
There are other long term health and financial benefits including a decrease on your life and in some cases house insurance! Cognitive Hypnotherapy will keep you focused on your short term and long term goals with regard to smoking and improve your chances of success.
I will teach you coping strategies that will help with regard to this and indeed other situations within your life.
Why not call or email me today for a no obligation conversation about how using Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve a smoke free life.
Nothing has to be the way it has always been.