The other day I was driving along a road I had never travelled before when I realised I had no map just my SatNav. My whole journey was in the hands of a machine that was plugged into the car and connected by an unseen technology to a satellite in the sky.

So this started me thinking, sometimes clients come to see me because they have lost their “voice”, not physically, but their internal voice, that feeling, sensation, or sound that tells them what to do next, who to trust or what to say.

Well if we think it is “normal” to put our trust in a box plugged into a car which in turn is connected to an unseen force in the ether why don’t we all trust our own inner voice more?

Our inner voice has been with us since birth, it may occasionally (just like the SatNav) lose its signal but if you are quite and listen carefully it can reconnect. Sometimes we are doubtful that it is really our own inner voice that we are hearing, but by carefully listening and using it more frequently it can become stronger and stronger. You get to know each other better and there comes a time when you just instinctively listen to the inner voice as easily and readily as your SatNav.

After all there are occasions when the SatNav sends us on the “wrong” road, but we still reach our destination, just by a different route. Surely that is what most of our life is about? We know inside the destination we want to reach, though sometimes we lose sight of that and therefore it can take a couple of false starts to find the right route.

Anything is possible and there is certainly more than one route to a destination, as my clients learn they don’t have to limit their possibilities to one route or one single destination they can look at the whole map not just the SatNav screen, and most of all they can choose the pathway they take and if they want they can change direction completely.

I often ask client’s, who believe they have lost their way, to do this simple exercise, why not try it for yourself? All you need is a little bit of time, a piece of paper and something to write with.

Write a short paragraph of the kind of person you want to be. Include all your values and an idea of the life that you want to be living. When you have finished write about your actual life, the one you are living now and then compare the two paragraphs.

How much of a gap is there between the life you want to live and the life you are living? How do you think you can close that gap? You don’t have to have all the details, or indeed all the answers, just a general idea because by taking even the smallest first step you are closer than you were to the life you want to be leading, the life you can achieve.

So how about looking at that the paragraph detailing the life you want to live and letting your list of values and beliefs be your inner voice, your inner SatNav and enjoy each stage of your journey now you have an idea of the destination you have in mind.

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