Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

All kind words are individual experiences of clients who I have seen.

They are individual cases so please do remember there is no guarantee of specific results from cognitive hypnotherapy and the results you achieve may vary to others.

“I visited Melanie recently after a traumatic training review at work.  I was very upset about the way the meeting had gone and at my inability to stand up for myself and dispute the negatives that the panel put forward.   Days after,  I was replaying the whole thing over and over again and I couldn’t escape the fear and feelings of upset.  After just one session with Melanie I was able to put the review behind me, move on and reframe the whole review as a learning experience that did not reflect me as a person.

I was also given helpful techniques to build my self-confidence.  A second session a few months later also helped to work on my self-confidence issues as I faced the panel for a second review.  I am delighted to say that the sessions and the follow-on support meant I was able to face the panel with confidence in my abilities and able to dispute their negative claims with positive evidence.   I couldn’t have done it without Melanie’s help.  Thank you for helping me reach for the star and take steps towards living my dream.”

M, Edinburgh


My head feels clearer and I enjoy getting up in the morning.  I have my life back, thank you for all your help.

H of Cockburnspath


Due to a history of childhood abuse coupled with a family bereavement when I was a teenager, I have sometimes struggled with things like self esteem, negative thinking, comfort eating etc. I have had over the years a few attempts at counselling as well as having read a  whole host of self help books. I can say with confidence that Melanie is the best therapist I have ever come across. Not only is she very easy to talk to (and laugh with) but she also seems to understand things, and her techniques are just brilliant.

I always thought of Hypnotherapy as something that would just be used for things like phobias or past regression, I had no idea that it can be used to deal with such a wide range of issues. Melanie has managed to change a lifelong pattern of low self esteem and negative thinking. I also sought some help with changing my diet as I have always had a sweet tooth and comfort ate. Now I don’t deny myself anything but I actively want fruit and veg all the time and the sweet foods no longer hold the same appeal! I don’t think anyone will regret making the first step in contacting Melanie and changing their life for the better.

F of Edinburgh


I have my life back, I feel normal for the first time in years.  Thank you doesn’t begin to say how I feel about what you’ve done.

K of West Barns


When my husband died I thought my life was over, I’ve spent the past few years sleepwalking in my life.  Thank you for helping me see I have a future.

D of North Berwick


I feared small places could not use a public toilet because there so small after a couple of visits with Melanie I have now been on holiday in an airplane.  Thank you so much

E of Berwick Upon Tweed


Anxiety and panic attacks have been me for so long now I have me back it was a lovely time being with you thank you for my life back

L of Haddington