There always seems to be so much pressure on all of us to “achieve” certain things, a perfect work life balance, the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect partner, the perfect life, whilst retaining our inner peace and harmony at all times…

So what if your life, family, job, partner isn’t perfect? If we stop to consider things wouldn’t everything being perfect be boring? What would we have to strive for if we lived in a perfect utopia? What else would there be to achieve in our lives? What would be left to strive for?

The pressure on so many people now with the build up to Christmas is tremendous, once again the media hype is that everything must be perfect and peaceful for this one day of the year … really? What if the turkey is over cooked, or the cranberry sauce has been forgotten, does it really matter? Surely the most important thing is to be with those you love and if for any reason you can’t be with them to make the most of where and who you are with.

I would, ideally, love to spend the day with my parents but sadly they are both no longer with us, however I will be spending it with my sister and her family. I know it will be fun, because the trimmings don’t matter, all that we care about is that we are together for a couple of days. It won’t be perfect, we realise that perfection does not exist, as the only thing we can control on the day is our attitude and how we are with each other.

That gives all of us a wonderful sense of freedom, a wonderful sense of being able to just be ourselves, so how about feeling that every day of the year and not just at Christmas? Imagine the freedom it would give to you, feel and see the changes it would make to those you love, live and work with.

Because a little stress does not do harm, stress without pressure – yes that does exist – can be life enhancing. So how would you destress without doing less? There are a number of very simple, easy to use techniques that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can teach you. So do please check my or for more details.