There are many types of phobias, the standard ones such as not wanting to live in a house with the number 13, spiders, flying, heights, small spaces, needles, dentist, Tesco … yes you read that correctly Tesco.

Phobias are frequently not about the “thing” itself but what we associate with that “thing”.   A good example of this is the Tesco client, (whose permission I have to mention this story), she came to see me because she could not bear to go into her local Tesco, watch the adverts or even drive past one. It all came to a head when she did a long detour just to avoid driving past two Tesco’s.

In our sessions we discussed the changes that had taken place in her life and the impact they were having on her and her family. Whilst we were chatting she mentioned that she now had to do a lot of driving on the motorway. It transpired that the service stations she had been using were Tesco Express. Whilst her mind had picked up on the extra stress brought on with the driving and new responsibilities it “related” all of this to the times she stopped for petrol, because she was so anxious about re-joining the motorway and being late.

In her mind’s view the problem was not the promotion, extra responsibilities, or her anxiety about meeting targets, it had focused it all onto the places where she stopped for petrol. Once this realisation was made our work together was easy. As well as ensuring that she once again could use her local supermarket I taught her a number of techniques to help her cope with the anxiety and pressure thus ensuring that she became overall a lot calmer and more in control of her life.

Other phobias can indeed be about the “thing” for example a spider, mouse or snake, if that is the case they can usually be resolved quite easily in one or two sessions.

There is no reason to allow your phobia to continue to impact upon your life, or indeed the choices that you make, especially when most of them can be cleared with just a bit of work.

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