I recently watched this TED Talk by Apollo Robbins who is the world’s greatest pickpocket.

As you can see he is a master of the art of misdirection, you are already aware he is going to do something so you are consciously looking for it, whilst you think you have it worked out … well just watch and see how he does it. It took me a few looks and I’m still missing a few things!!!

So my question is whilst you worry about something that may never happen what are you missing out on? Because you may be misdirecting your own thoughts through fear of something that hasn’t and indeed may never happen.

Is there a fear or phobia that has you “tied up in knots” day after day, to the point where you miss out on the happiness and joy around you? This is a prime example of misdirecting the direction of your own thoughts and feelings.

Or are you waiting, waiting until your exams are over, waiting until you have lost weight, waiting until the children leave home, waiting for a new job because you dislike where you work, waiting until … Meanwhile your life is on a misdirect because you aren’t seeing the opportunities that are already there, ready to be taken.

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