When you travel by plane they give you a safety talk which includes where the exits are, your water jacket and how you must place your oxygen mask onto your own face before helping others.

This one is sometimes difficult for people to understand, if they are travelling with children their instinct is to put the mask onto their child first and then themselves.  However, if they do this it is doubtful they would survive long enough to then place their own mask on.  It takes a matter of seconds for the effects of lack of oxygen to take place so as difficult as it may seem their mask needs to go on first.

So why mention this at all?  In our day to day life we frequently put others first, our partners, children, family, friends, work colleagues, bosses, sometimes even strangers!  We put their needs before our own.  Now this is nice, it is something I would actively encourage however, there comes a moment in all our lives when we should and must put ourselves first.

It is just common sense that if you are continually putting others first this will eventually affect your health.  You may build up a resentment within yourself that manifests itself either as poor health or perhaps bursts of anger.  It maybe that you smoke, over eat, neglect your own wellbeing and health.

So what will it take for you to put your oxygen mask on first?  Because if you are not well or resentful of helping others all the time then you know that this will take its toll on you in the long run.  How about as a first step putting yourself first for just 10 minutes a day?  That’s all just 10 minutes.  Take that time to do nothing other than sit calmly and think of nothing but your breathing.  Take a deep breath in through your nose to your own count of 7 (not seconds just your own count) and gently breath out through your nose to your count of 11 (again not seconds just your own count).  If you do that for yourself just 10 minutes every day you will begin to notice a difference in your life.

If you want to take that a step further you could always check out http://www.getsomeheadspace.com/ it is free for the first 10 days.  Just 10 minutes a day and think of the positive impact it could have on the rest of your life.  Your time with loved ones, the stresses of work and general life.

Put your own oxygen mask on first because then you will be in a stronger position to help others, because the better you feel about yourself the better the world looks to you.

For a no obligation chat please either email or phone me, because it is good to remember that nothing has to be the way it has always been.