“Most of our behaviour is driven by our unconscious. So it had been be in agreement with you”

Trevor Silvester

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is taught at the Quest Institute by Trevor Silvester whose approach is significantly different from the traditional schools of Hypnotherapy.  Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy draws on recent discoveries and ideas from Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Theory and NLP and incorporates them into a modern idea of hypnosis to provide a framework for therapy.

A trance state is not that unusual, who hasn’t lost themselves whilst travelling to work or on a regular route?  You were always in control but your mind drifted off and you lost all track of time or where you were.

Under the umbrella of Cognitive Hypnotherapy there are many various techniques which I can use to help my clients obtain the solution they want in their lives.  One important aspect of this work is Word Weaving which was created and taught by Trevor Silvester, it helps me to use your words in a way that your unconscious will understand and embrace.

This means we can work in harmony towards your solution state.

Every client download is made with them specifically in mind, using their words and reinforcing the work we have completed within our session.  Our unconscious is 90% of our brain and the remaining 10% is the frontal lobe where the logical conscious decisions take place.  The unconscious is wonderful at keeping our internal organs working, healing burns or cuts heal without us even having to think about it.

Because of this we know that all our behaviour has a positive intention, it is just that on occasion our unconscious takes hold of a pattern and it is one that we would rather not have.  For example, ‘needing’ a cigarette after every meal.  This isn’t true, it is a pattern that has been developed over years and our unconscious loves patterns so it continues on.  Once we start working with your unconscious we can being changing those patterns and help you to develop other more useful patterns of behaviour.

I use techniques that modify these patterns so that the client can take control of their behaviour.  Each client’s pattern is unique even though they may share the same label with others.  This is why each client will require different techniques to aid the changes that they want made.

We all have everything we need within us, it is just that sometimes life pushes them away, or we forget we have these gifts and talents.  My clients are not broken and I don’t fix them, we work together within their model of the world to find the solution they want.  Within Cognitive Hypnotherapy we also incorporate some NLP techniques and other complimentary therapies some of which I have detailed on pages within this website.

Thank you for reading this and remember nothing has to be the way it’s always been.

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