There is no big secret to life, whatever your goal you can get there if you are willing to work.

Life Coach

Life Coaching is different from mentoring or counselling as coaching is driven by a specific project, goals or aim you want to achieve in your life.  It can be something in your professional or personal life, or a combination of both.

Through asking you open questions we will discover what your particular obstacles or challenges are and how you can address them by taking positive actions within a timescale set by you.

The first session is usually 60 minutes and can be either face to face or online using Zoom, afterwards we can follow up with weekly phone calls and unlimited email support until you have the momentum you require.  This will be followed by occasional check in calls or sessions.

Life coaching can be about your career, perhaps you want to start your own business or change direction.  It can focus on your private life, you may feel your life has become stagnant and you want to find ways to make the changes you want.

I worked with a client who was an administration assistant and had been for nearly 10 years.  However, she had always wanted to be a teacher.   Together we worked on finding the best way forward for her, initially she attended evening classes to obtain the GCSE’s she required, then it was about finding her a placement as a teaching assistant.

Through her commitment and perseverance to get onto the pathway that she wanted in her career, she was able to feel more fulfilled within her life and her chosen career.

Thank you for reading this and remember nothing has to be the way it’s always been.

All client cases are used with their permission.

To find out more about how I can help you and to arrange an initial consultation either face to face, by phone or online using Zoom please complete the contact form or call 07956 369461